Our Menu...

We are on a mission to create a
menu by sourcing ingredients locally.

Snack Menu
Fries (classic, wedges or sweet potato) £4.50
Onion rings £3.80
Tortilla chips with dips £3.50
Vegetable samosas (15 pieces) £3.50
Sharing bowl (mixed fries & onion rings) £6.50
Homemade vegan cake £3.00
Healthy snack chips £1.90
Muffin (lemon & poppyseed, belgian chocolate, blueberry) £2.50
Peanuts (salted, chilli) £1.50
Cashews £1.60
Wasabi peas £2.20
Homemade vegan chocolate bon bon in different flavours £1.00
Homemade chocolate coffee beans small pack 50g £2.50
Homemade chocolate coffee beans large pack 100g £5.00
Bowl of Icecream mixed flavours £3.90